Encore! Glass, Inc. Announces Relocation to Fairfield, California

May 13, 2013

Benicia, CA - May 13, 2013:  Encore! Glass, Inc., a premier wine bottle supplier, has announced they will relocate from Benicia, California to Fairfield, California - approximately 15 miles north of their current location.  During the first quarter of 2014, Encore! Glass will begin moving all products and employees to a 318,000+ square foot warehouse conveniently located near Interstate 80 and California State Route 12.

Encore! Glass President & CEO, Bradley Tucker, attended a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new location on May 1, 2013 with representatives from the City of Fairfield Planning Department, The Buzz Oates Group of Companies and Colliers International.

Since its inception in 1975 in Richmond, California, Encore has expanded from 19 employees and less than 20,000sf of warehousing space to over 60 full time employees in 2013.  With the move to Fairfield, Encore is consolidating all of its warehousing and office locations.

Encore! Glass offers a wide range of packaging solutions for the wine industry including high quality wine bottles, custom glass molds, decant services, custom printed cartons and filled wine shippers all at competitive pricing.  Encore takes pride in their knowledgeable and detailed commercial team as well as their extensive quality inspections both at the time of production and receipt to their warehouse.

For more information, please contact LC Giacobazzi at LC@EncoreGlass.com or (707) 752-8548.

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